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Unparalleled Interest from Perth in Acoustic Imaging - Edgetech 6205 Technology Demonstration

Acoustic Imaging was joined by the Perth marine community who turned out in force for a vessel demonstration of Edgetech’s next generation bathymetric technology – the 6205 Multi Phase Echosounder. In small groups spread across six 1-hour long sessions throughout the day small and large companies, university academics, and government scientific organisations engaged in observing, questioning and discussing the system with Evan Martzial from Edgetech, USA.Evan wished to ‘thank the industry professionals who came out to partake in the Edgetech demo and who incited many stimulating conversations’.

The 6205 was mounted on one of the WA Department of Transport Hydrographic survey vessel, Alex Hansen III, and integrated directly with their existing Applanix POS MV (positioning and orientation sensor) and acquisition software suite. Acoustic Imaging would like to thank the DoT WA coastal mapping group for their willingness to participate in the demonstration and once again lead by example in always looking for new and more efficient methods for the many different jobs DoT WA undertakes. Nicole, Doug and Evan would particularly like to thank Kim Edwards, Alex Hansen’s captain for his faultless vessel mastery in maneuvering the vessel throughout the day from strong alongside currents to shallow water approaches.

Visit our Projects page for more information about the on-water demo and associated data set available for downloading. 

The AHS West Australia Region held a technical meeting on the 19th January where Evan and Nicole presented parts of the 6205 survey data collected and Doug discussed aspects of Acoustic Imaging’s dual head R2Sonic 2020 system (reasons for purchasing, technical specifications, justification for the Edgetech 6205 technical demonstration). A more detailed comparison between the two systems for data acquired over the same area in the Swan River will be forthcoming over the next couple of weeks.Evan, Doug and Nicole would like to thank Phil Wells (AHS WAR President) for facilitating the event which was well attended by more than 30 people. Before leaving Australia Evan remarked that ‘it was a pleasure to connect with the hydrographic survey industry in Perth and around Western Australia. I greatly appreciate all the coordination efforts and professionalism from both Acoustic Imaging and the Australasian Hydrographic Society’.

Final word from Nicole, 'To all who participated in the weeks’ activities, thank you for your interest and if you would like to discuss the 6205 MPES in greater detail or would like to access the acquired JSF or SBET files please contact us at'.

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