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QPS Conference – Acoustic Imaging #1 Global Reseller – Ocean Business Southampton 2017

QPS Conference – Acoustic Imaging #1 Global Reseller – Ocean Business Southampton 2017

QPS International Reseller Meeting – Ageas Bowl, Southampton.

QPS unveiled their exciting roadmap for the future development of QINSy, Qimera, Fledermaus, Qastor, and Qarto. The end-to-end solution offered by QPS is one of the most complete in the industry, extending from data acquisition to processing to visualisation to chart production and finally pilot vessel management. We’ll be posting the improvements to each product on our web site.

Acoustic Imaging attended productive meetings with QPS, with highlights including :
  • Acoustic Imaging was very proud to be announced as the #1 GLOBAL QPS reseller of the year. This speaks volumes for the active and engaged users of QPS products in Australia and NZ, and we appreciate your patronage.
  • At the conference dinner, Acoustic Imaging paired up with some technical engineering experts from South Africa, Poland, USA and UK to take out the spaghetti and stilton cheese tower building contest.
  • To complete the hat trick, Acoustic Imaging closed the party at end of the night.

Acoustic Imaging would like to thank QPS management, support and product engineers for the insight and enthusiasm they injected into the meetings.

Ocean Business - National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton

Following on from the QPS Reseller meeting, Acoustic Imaging attended the Ocean Business conference. An inspiring display of new technology and the latest developments from manufacturers for use on surface, underwater and robotic platforms. Autonomous vehicles in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms were prevalent and definitely where the industry is heading. A fleet of vessels provided on-water demonstrations with ample opportunity to observe and discuss much of the hardware and software on display during the week.

Acoustic Imaging took the opportunity to catch up with Innomar from Germany – who shared with us some upcoming news about exciting sub bottom developments - Applanix Marine from the UK, R2Sonic/Edgetech/Chesapeake Technology from the US, QPS from the Netherlands, as well as colleagues and associates from all over the globe. Almost too much information to digest, but re-emphasizing the exciting direction a number of groups are heading with survey capabilities and approaches. A tsunami of data is heading our way so intelligent processing and management will be paramount.


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