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Acoustic Imaging Presents at AHS West Australian Region AGM Aug 19 2015

Managing Marine GIS Data Using QPS & ESRI Software: A Case Study

Acoustic Imaging’s Doug Bergersen and Helen Tait recently attended the Australasian Hydrographic Society’s (West Australian Region) AGM to present a case study based on Helen’s recent experiences in managing marine GIS data.  The event was well attended with a gathering of approximately 50 AHS members.

Prior to her employment with Acoustic Imaging, Helen was employed by the WA Government as part of a small specialist team tasked with restructuring and cleaning a number of key marine datasets in order to facilitate public distribution of the data.  One of the major datasets tackled in the project was the Fremantle-based Department of Transport’s large archive of hydrographic survey data.  The archive included data captured as far back as the 1960’s and contained data in different horizontal and vertical datums, and different software formats.  The challenge of maintaining a well-structured and readily accessible data storage in the face of ever increasing volumes of data and rapidly changing data formats and standards will be familiar to many different organisations.  However the long-term benefits associated with the increase in data management efficiencies mean that it is a challenge well worth facing.

The department’s Coastal Information section were already experienced users of both the QPS and ArcGIS suites of hydrographic and GIS software and Acoustic Imaging were engaged to help implement a hydrographic workflow using Qinsy, Fledermaus and ArcGIS that will assist the department to manage their hydrographic data into the future.

For assistance in setting up a data management system tailored for your organisation's workflow, contact:

You can explore publicly available data held by the WA Government at SLIP Search .  The DoT hydrographic survey data is currently available (until the end of the year) to view and download via GME at DoT Hydrographic Surveys

For more information about the Australasian Hydrographic Society, visit their website at AHS Website

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