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Acoustic Imaging - Self Sufficiency and Environmental Responsibility

In 2011 Acoustic Imaging moved from NSW to South-East Queensland, seeking sufficient sun, rain and volcanic soil to power the office and provide ample drinking water and healthy garden food for employees.
In May 2011 the new battery storage system, and inverter were commissioned and connected to the solar array providing the office with 6kW power which has proven ample for both workshop and office activities right throughout the wet season. 
That same year the office was steadily surrounded by new fruit trees to add the existing groves of bananas, mangoes, papayas and citrus.  The bananas line the western wall of the office adding shade and passionfruit vines along the north make a shady outdoor patio for break-outs.  The (organic) vegetable patches are now dense with snack food such as greens, snow peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and herbs. Turning compost, mowing are actively encouraged during break times.

Between 2011 and 2015 new coffee trees were added to the existing tree and since then flourished in the Queensland sun and rain and the office coffee supply is regularly harvested, shucked, dried and roasted on the BBQ.

By 2011 Acoustic Imaging already had a "two wells good, two legs better" employee heath program that encourages staff to walk if practical, ride a bike if carrying a heavy load, take a tram, bus or ferry and if unavoidable drive a car.  

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