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Acoustic Imaging Projects

Acoustic Imaging consulting services range from system sourcing to system installations to data processing and delivery. We help clients achieve their survey objectives.

Our unique blend of hydrographic and geophysical experience, coupled with software expertise is invaluable for troubleshooting problems during the equipment mobilisation stage and allows organisations to view their data in an integrated fashion during the survey stage. Groups that contract Acoustic Imaging know that diligent and highly knowledgeable personnel will be deployed on-site and that post-survey support will be available until the final data products are delivered.

Oil and Gas, Habitat Mapping, Coastal Surveys, National Mapping Programs……..Acoustic Imaging has the experience and understanding to provide unbiased and accurate advice how to achieve your goals.

Recent Projects

Y10 Work Experience Student

For Year 10 Work Experience, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Acoustic Imaging for a week. During this time, we worked on the Mooloolah River, SE Queensland. Our purpose was to under..

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Mapping Weed Wrack Accumulation in Jurien Bay

Acoustic Imaging have been engaged by the Department of Transport (Fremantle) to map the accumulation of weed wrack in Jurien Bay Harbour. The harbour was constructed in 1988 and in the last..

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3rd Annual Brisbane High Accuracy Multibeam Training Course November 17-21 2014, Port of Brisbane Queensland

Acoustic Imaging's 3rd Annual High Accuracy Multibeam Training Course was once again hosted by Port of Brisbane at their state-of-the-art passive green facilities with sweeping ocean and rive..

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Acoustic Imaging Wide Swath Shallow Water Multibeam Echo Sounder

In March 2014 Acoustic Imaging purchased a pair of R2Sonic 2020 multibeam echo sounder (MBES) transducers to integrate with their exising POS MV small form factor (SFF) Wavemaster and QINSy acquis..

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Innomar SES-2000 System - Port of Melbourne

The Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) purchased an Innomar SES-2000 light parametric sub-bottom profiler (SBP) after comprehensive field trials. Acoustic Imaging, the Australian reselle..

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