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Start Date: 30-May-2017
Capacity: 25 (16% booked)

Edgetech 6205 Multiphase Echosounder Demonstration, Port Hacking NSW, 30 May 2017


Port Hacking, NSW


Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Wharf details and time will be emailed to registrants in the week prior to demonstration.


Be part of Acoustic Imaging’s technology demonstration of EdgeTech’s 6205 next generation Multiphase  Echosounder (MPES). Edgetech and Acoustic Imaging invite you to join us for a  day of data acquisition on the water at Port Hacking. Attendees are expected to wear appropriate clothing for on-water demonstration. The demonstration will be coordinated with the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.

The 6205 utilizes EdgeTech's next generation bathymetric technology to provide an enhanced and fully integrated, swath bathmetry and dual frequency side scan sonar system.

It produces real-time, high resolution three dimensional (3D) maps of the seafloor while providing co-registered simultaneous dual frequency side scan imagery.

Don’t miss the opportunity to observe, discuss and consider applications for Edgetech's combined bathymetry and side scan solution. Register now.

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