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Acoustic Imaging

Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd has provided marine geophysical survey solutions, project/system assessments, and technical expertise in our region since 1997.  In 2017 we celebrated 20 years of success as an employee-owned Australian private company.  We provide services, sales, performance assessment, desktop studies, field testing, theoretical and practical training for all facets of inshore and offshore projects.  Our unique ability to combine  subject understanding and practical knowledge with cutting-edge marine survey software stands us apart.  Sharing our lifelong learning and consideration of application-specific solutions to Australia ensures that we are well-suited to help any group optimise their data outcomes.

Our services range from project planning to hardware integration / validation, data acquisition to off-line processing to final imagery analysis, interpretation and presentation. Both sale and lease options exist for a variety of marine sensors and software. 

Acoustic Imaging is a reseller and certified training centre for the following selected manufacturers.

  • AD Navigation Portable Pilot Units
  • AML Oceanographic Sensors and Solutions
  • Applanix POS MV and POSPac MMS
  • Chesapeake Technology SonarWiz
  • Innomar SES-2000 Subbottom Profilers
  • Edgetech MultiPhase Echosounders
  • QPS QINSy, Qimera, Fledermaus, Qarto, and Qastor
  • R2Sonic Multibeam Echosounders
  • SIG Seismic Sources and Streamers

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